Made for Sonicworkflow's Valentine's Day Jam


The city has been overrun by demons. A group of demons begin encircling an unfortunate woman . . . 

"Stay away from her, you foul creatures!",  a man cries as he cuts through dozens of demons with a single slash.

"Don't worry, m'lady, I'm Demon Slayer Dan and my sweet katana skills will keep you safe." *Tips Fedora*

Mouse Left-Click: Reaper Slash [Strike with the power of your inner darkness]
Mouse Right-Click: Shadow Flash [Utilize the shadows of your soul to manifest in a different location]

**The Unity full screen mode may be a bit buggy with our game.

Art/Voice Acting - Lenny Lam

Programming/Game Design/Voice Acting - Mark Ilog

Music/Sound/Voice Acting - Johnson Nguyen

KNOWN BUG: Projectiles that exist during the end of the round will kill Mlady.

Updated 13 days ago
Published 17 days ago
AuthorDummy Dojo
GenreAction, Fighting
Made withUnity
Tags2D, cringe, demons, Fast-Paced, fedora, Funny, one-button, Pixel Art, Swords


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Wow that's so cool is very well made 


Clickiest adventure ever. I reallly enjoyed how it leads to more accurated movements to get a higher score. Very great game!!


its a very good game thanks for make it, saludos desde mexico



Great game. The controls feel really good. The animations are smooth and very nice. Cool music atmosphere.

Great game. Good Job!


Really nice game with great visuals! It is in my Week's Top 5!

Check my video!


Pretty clever how slashing the main menu button not only makes it nicer feedback-wise but immediately communicated me "all movement is done by mouse" when I expected keyboard+mouse gameplay.


Demon Slayer Dan is like One Finger Death Punch, but for cool guys. It's also got the fattest tipping fedora around and some sweet jams.

Good job, devs.

he man simp


Meanwhile someone where else in the world...rock music plays as a man rips and tears his way thro demons of kinds.


Cool Dude, cheesy music and smoth gameplay; everything done right. :)




*tips fedora


amazing graphics, and intense gameplay

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Sounds effect and gameplay so great. I like it. You should be a arcade game same this game or add a arcade mod. But game really nice and funny

(1 edit) (+1)

I love this so much hahahaha, really nice feel to the game. I can imagine a ton of kids playing this in IT class 10/10 would go all out again 


great jam game , actually laughed at the end of the level with the my lady voice acting hah  the slicing into the start menu was a nice touch , controls were a tad touchy but overall great job with the art style and gameplay loop/music/sfx


Great game! Intense and so good!


shadow flash should have a 3 second recharge timer

Great Game BTW


Demon Slayer Dan got the moves 


The mechanics are simple but very enjoyable and addictive, the art and music looks amazing.
Congrats! You made a 10/10 jam game :D


I can only say that I hope you win this jam, you did a really good job in this game. The gamefeel with the sfx and the music is awesome. It took me a few levels to get to the "aha!" moment with the right click mechanic but once you get the intention of each level. 
Really good job!


cool arcade


In only four days you have done a simple but amazing game !!! I'm very impressed!


wow!!!! I absolutely love the music, colors, acnimation and sound effects.

It's great to replay all the levels. I want to see this game in the future with more mechanics and more levels !!!


This is amazing. Level 12 got me panicking, so the difficulty went up nicely lol.

I *love* the voice acting, the way the character slashes the start button, the way you attack everything in your path when clicking somewhere, and the slow-mo.

And then there's the silly pick-up lines. This is beautiful, all the way to the end.


Good job. Really like the idea

Thank you! :D